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Why your membership matters

The Institute of Financial Consultants® is a professional body for those who work in accountancy and the financial fields. IFC work hard to support our members throughout their career and through the challenging times that we are all facing at present.

Do you want to make the most of your membership?

There are a range of benefits which you an access as an IFC member. These include online certificate courses and excellent CPD courses, many offering a discount to members.

It is important to maintain your membership and to ensure that the IFC administrative office have your updated information.

Manage your Membership

Manage your membership by keeping your information updated and paying your annual dues. Continuing Professional Development is required of all members , except those who are fully retired.
Remember to:

  • keep your contact details updated
  • update your email address
  • update your work details
Membership Fees and How to Pay

Please see our current fees and payment options.

Maintain your CPD

CPD applies to all members, except those who are fully retired. You are required to undertake CPD on an ongoing basis and declare compliance annually to the Institute.Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses are available 24/7 so you can do your CPD whenever and wherever it suits you.

Professional Standards

Members have a professional obligation to clients, prospects, employers, employees, the general public andother members to act competently and ethically at all times. Members are expected to comply with thecontent and the spirit of the Code of Professional Ethics in order to fulfill this professional obligation.

Become a Fellow

Fellowship (FIFC) is our highest grade of Membership and is awarded as a hallmark of professional standing and achievement in the financial profession. It is a recognition of achievements within the profession and a definition of your professional status, not merely a reward for service.