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The Institute of Financial Consultants ® welcomes new members.

We know that choosing membership to a professional organisation can be a big step forward in your career and public standing. The Institute of Financial Consultants® is a professional body for those who work in the field of finance. Our members are employed in all sectors of the economy and make a significant contribution to the efficiency of any business. The Institute has a growing global presence.


The Institute has an ongoing commitment to high professional and ethical standards. Our membership benefits include excellent online CPD courses to help our members stay ahead of their game in an increasingly competitive profession.


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  • Please return the completed certification form to the administrative department of IFC via email or FAX at + 1 302-996-5818.


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Membership advantages include:


Excellent Online CPD

The Institute carefully selects it's partners to offer members premium online and distance-learning courses at a competitive price. IFC partners include:


  • Emile Woolf International
  • Accounting CPD.Net - NelsonCroom
  • IA Seminars


Financial Topics e-Newsletter

Our monthly online newsletter, Financial Topics is read by over 40% of members.

  • Every issue has five articles covering trends and news, as well as other topics of interest to those in the financial professional
  • Financial Topics is filed with FINRA


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